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Angola, is a country located in southwest of Africa, limited to the north and east by the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), to the east by Zambia, to the south by Namibia and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The Angolan territory is divided by a strip of old Zaire, which goes to the sea, leaving a small enclave of Cabinda separated, limited to the north by the Republic of Congo, to the east and to the south by the Democratic Republic of Congo and to the west by the Atlantic ocean. The territory of Angola was previously known as the Portuguese West Africa, its current name is Republic of Angola, has an area of 1,246,700 km2 .Having gained independence o November 11, 1975, over an intense civil war that victimized many Angolans and culminated in 2002. The capital is the city of Luanda.


Access to the Atlantic Ocean

Contains 12% of African Water Sheets.

Rich in flora

The Maiombe Forest in Angola, which as an extension in Gabon, is one of the largest in the world after the Amazon forest

Artificial eucalyptus forest

Until 1975 it had the 3 rd largest artificial eucalyptus forest in the world with 74 hectares

Diversity of mineral

Diversity of ores, diamonds, iron, gold, phosphates, manganese, copper, lead, zinc,tungsten, titanium, chromium, marble, granite, uranium and noble metals

Arable land and pastures

35 million hectares of arable land and pastures, of which only 10% are cultivated


Angola, is a powerhouse of minerals in Africa, especially rich in diamonds, oil and iron ore; it also has deposits of copper, manganese, phosphates, salt, mica, lead, tin, gold, silver and platinum. The diamond mines are located near the town of Dundo, in the province of Lunda Norte. Important oil deposits were discovered in 1966, in Cabinda, assuring the country of self-sufficiency. In 1975 uranium deposits were located near the border with Namibia.